Our semi-guided hunts are designed for hunters who have the experience and skills necessary to hunt in a wilderness setting without the accompaniment of a guide.
The pack trip into camp is done with saddle horse and pack mules, but all hunting is done on foot. Camp staff will provide you with advise on navigating the terrain and insight on how wildlife uses the hunt area.

The base camp is pre-set.  We accommodate two hunters per tent with a total of six or seven guests per hunt.  Individuals and small groups will be added to the trip until the camp capacity is reached.

We staff the trip with a cook/camp tender.  The cook takes care of all kitchen and camp tending duties.  All food is provided.  Our packer will check in with the camp regularly to retrieve game.

For safety considerations, and so there is adequate manpower to bone out, pack and hang meat, hunters will need to go out in pairs.  We will pack meat from locations that can safely be reached with mules.  Generally, this means the nearest Forest Service system trail or cleared packer’s trail to the kill site.  It is the hunter’s responsibility to dress, cape, and hang game.  He will then need to lead the packer back to where meat has been hung and help him load the mules.

These are eight day expeditions. The first and last day are travel days and there are six days of hunting in-between.  The last hunting day hunters will need to limit the distance they hunt from camp so we can retrieve game at a reasonable hour.

This is a trophy hunt. We don’t kill cows, spikes or small mule deer.  Any branch antlered bull or 4×4 buck is fair game.
At the end of the hunt we will pack meat and antlers back to your vehicle at the trailhead.

Our semi-guided hunt has been polished with decades of practice.  It provides a high degree of independence and provides the camp and staff resources that allow you to utilize your time for hunting rather than maintenance.

Hunters who are in good physical shape, are proficient with GPS and topographical maps, and can dress their own game, have the potential to do very well on this hunt.

Additional species can be added to your elk hunt with no additional up-front cost.  The licenses for black bear, wolf and mountain lion are not subject to quota or drawing and can be purchased online at Montana FWPs website. There is a trophy fee associated with any of these animals taken.

All of our hunts during the archery season, early rifle and general rifle seasons are semi-guided.