Reservations should be made as far in advance as possible so that we can meet your specific trip needs.
While initial contact is often easiest established by email, we believe a visit by telephone is important.  A phone call allows us to learn from you first-hand your expectations for the trip and general abilities in the outdoors.  A telephone conversation gives you an opportunity beyond the website to assess our services and get an immediate answer to any questions you may have.
We have found it is very important for the party principal to involve the entire party in the booking process.  Good communication with every one early on prevents misunderstandings and unmet expectations.

As horses are physically limited in how much weight they can safely carry on steep icy trails we have a guest weight limit of 240 pounds.
Due to the rugged character of the country and the inherent dangers associated with travel by horseback, we do not recommend these expeditions to anyone with respiratory disorders, heart trouble, or any condition that may be aggravated by altitude.
We do not accommodate special diets.
For wildfire liability reasons and in consideration of our nonsmoking guests we are strictly nonsmoking.

A deposit of 50% of trip fare will reserve any date of your choice that has available space.  Payment may be made with Electronic Check, Visa or MasterCard using the Secure Payment Gateway on the footer of this page.  The remaining 50% balance of payment must be received no later than sixty days prior to the start of your hunt.  All payments must be received in a timely manner to maintain the reservation.

There is a very small margin of profit in the outfitting business. In most cases under 10%. Cancellations are devastating to the bottom line.
After you have made your reservation we will likely turn away other clients for the same hunt. For this reason all payments are nonrefundable.
In the event an application for license is properly submitted and the applicant not drawn, and an elk license isn’t available in the following surplus license sale, the deposit will be refunded or applied as deposit for a hunt in a subsequent year at the applicant’s discretion.

Should you wish to fly the Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport is serviced by Delta, Frontier, United, US Air and Alaska Airlines year-round.
If you are traveling by auto, let us know if you need information and directions on the best routes.
We recommend that you plan on arrival in Bozeman no later than early afternoon on the day prior to your trip departure date.  An early arrival allows you time to pick up any last minute necessities as well as a little time to rest up from your journey to Montana.

Medicine Lake Outfitters is headquartered along the Gallatin River fourteen miles west of Bozeman.  As we have limited guest facilities, our clients generally make arrangements for our their pre-trip and post-trip accommodations in town.
We give our highest recommendation to the Best Western GranTree Inn. They have complimentary shuttles to and from the airport.  While you are on your trip the Inn will allow you to store your vehicle, travel clothes, etc. at no extra charge.  Their rates are reasonable and the GranTree’s service is the best.
A word of advice, make your reservations (800-624-5865) or (406-586-5261) as early as possible.  The GranTree is a popular place to stay and is often booked months in advance.  Be sure to tell them you are vacationing with us as they will discount the room rate.

We will send you recommendations on personal equipment when you book your hunt.  Hunters are limited to 65 lbs. of personal gear, including duffel, daypack and sleeping bag.  The weight restriction does not apply to your rifle, bow or the clothing and boots you wear on the ride into camp. Going light is an essential part of the wilderness experience.

At the time of booking we will send you a “Reservation Form.” This form will help us choose the right horse and saddle for you as well as alert us to any health risks you may have. The form also includes an “Acknowledgement of Risk” which must be signed and returned.

This institution is an equal opportunity employer. This institution is an equal opportunity provider. Hunting activities take place on the Gallatin National Forest, Beaverhead-DeerLodge National Forest, BLM, DNRC, and private lands.