Elk Camp in the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness
Elk Camp Corral
Wood Stove in Elk Camp Tent
Elk Camp in Snow
Our elk camps are traditional western backcountry hunting camps equipped with corral, tack tent, cook tent, dining tent, staff and guest tents.  Each 12’x14’ guest tent is set up to accommodate two hunters.

We take a lot of pride in putting together a first class camp.  All of our tent frames are skillfully fastened with a variety of timber hitches and other rope craft.  The camp layout is neat and functional.

All facilities are built to withstand the worst possible weather.  The tents are covered with rain flys and heated with wood stoves.  They are lit with coleman lanterns and contain cots with comfortable pads. Everything in camp is provided except for your personal gear and bedroll.

The camp cook prepares meals that are wholesome, delicious and substantial.  Breakfast and dinner are served ranch style.  A sack lunch is carried along with coffee on the hunt each day.

Our base camps are located so as to be close to good hunting without unduly disturbing the game.